Mission and Vision


“To be a reference hospital both for teaching and health service tasks with the strategic aims of health promotion, disease prevention and treatment”


“Innovatively, progressively and competitively improve the quality of life for all we serve with all our stuff”


Patient Safety is Our Number One Priority.

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our patients with a qualified and sustainable health service which brings state-of-the-art healthcare.

Rights of Patients and Their Relatives is Considered with all Aspects.

In our Hospital, “Rights of Patients” which is a legistation in Turkish Law is considered with all aspects. The main aim of all those rights is to provide a "high level of human health protection" and give you high quality health services.

·         Right to Live

It can not be given up the patients' right to live for whatever reason and can not be claimed anyone's life even though her/him own will.

·         Right to Take Protective Measures

Every people has the right to have available service to be protected against diseases. The task of health service providers to achieve this goal is provide to benefit from health services, the newest professional information and technological developments to everybody. Also you can get information about protective health services by our hospital.

·         Right of Access

Every people has the right of access from health services to fulfilment of health care need. Health services should be given without discrimination of language, religion, race, sex, the difference of thought and it should not be discriminated on the type of disease, time, abode or financial resources.

Patients without full physical qualification should benefit from all rights equally.

People have right of access on situations like organ transplantation and experimental research within the frame of the country's laws and regulations.

·         Right to Demand Information

Every people has the right to get information about their state of health, health services, how they can benefit from these services, all the results of scientific researches and technological developments.

Health services should be given to patient in an easy to reach method and in a language the patient can understand.

·         Patients have:

the right to know identify and task of personnel who the patient will receive from

the right to learn the price of service that the patient will pay and the right to ask its bill

the right to have consultation service by other physician if he/she requests

the right to demand information about treatmens and applications which will be applied to her/him

·         Right of Access to Medical Records

Patients have the right to demand informations about their diseases on their files,records and replication with copying, questioning and demand to correction of failures if they are.

Medical record of dead patients can be given with explicit permission or court decision.

Patients have the right to demand changing disease, treatment process or other applications which are on medical records and not compatible with reality.

All medical record of patient can be sent herself/himself or other institution which the patient prefers with a written request

·         Right of Consent

Every people has the right to demand information to participate decisions about her/him health. These informations are essential for any process and treatment. Health service providers have to inform to the patient including other treatment choices along with all informations about any operation or treatment, risks, nuisances, side reactions. Consent of patients includes rutin process, too.

Parents give approval instead of the patients who are under 18 or comatose. In case parents object, if the physician / health officer 's think it interests patient the decision should belong to court or an aouthority as arbitration court.

If there is not legal represantative and the situation is in an emergency, medical intervention can be applied without consent.

Right to Refuse Treatment

Patient has the right to refuse treatment or medical intervention or going on treatment by changing his decision. Patient also has the right to refuse the topic being informed about her/him health status. If it is rejected, patient's connection with our hospital is dismissed.

But when he/she consults to our hospital again, the right to receive care and treatment continues.

·         Right of Election

All people having enough information, have the right of election among different treatment methods and people who give treat. Patient have the right of election methods of diagnosing and treatment will be aplied, physician, expert and hospital. Health Services Team should show that they intitle the right of election to the patient with inform about other health institutions which apply this treatment, physicians and success status. All impediments which limit exercise this right should be extinguished.

·         Right of Privacy

Every people has the right of demanding being kept confidential her/his special visitings along with personal information, health status, the diagnosis and informations about the treatment. Informations and datum of person's health status and treatment being applied to her/him should be confidential and preserved. It should be respected patient's personal privacy during treatment process, the process should be applied in an available environment and by people who should be really there. Patient have the right of unacceptability of people who are not related to her/his treatment including visitors.

·         The Right Of Patients To Receive Health Care Services On Time

Every people has the right to receive necessary treatment on time. This right is valid for all stages of the treatment. Determining waiting period considering required services in a certain time is a task of Health Services. If health services are not given to patients on time, choice of using alternative services same quality should be offered and expendirutes inflicting this should be paid back within a reasonable time.

Physicians should spare enough time to patients including informing time.

·         Entitled to Dignity

Every people has the right to receive service with respect,care exactingness, cheerful,polite,clement in an environment which is available for health and without noise and other distracting factors. Hospital staff members do not have the right to debate with you. Complaints are solved with the Office of Patient Rights.

·         The Right To Perform Religious Services

Patients have the right to perform their religious services , wearing clothes compatible with their believes, using symbols and getting social and psychological support within the possibilities of the institution and within the frame of measures taken by administration.

·         Visitation and Companion Rights

Every people has the right to receive visitors expediently the observance and rules which are determined by the institution and the right to keep companion within the possibilities and when the physician considers appropriate.

·         Quality rights-standard

Every people has the right of access from high quality health services. The right to quality health care requires to be provided services satiably in terms of technical performance, comfort and human relations by health institutions and health personnel. Health personnel can not apply a diagnosis or treatment contrary to the rules of medical ethics or deceptive in nature.

·         Security Rights

Every people has the right to protection damages from health services, medical mistakes and errors and the right of access treatments and institution with high security standards.

·         Innovation Right

Every people has the innovation right according to international standards including diagnosis procedures. Goals of Health Services is doing researches considering rare frequent diseases and support them.

·         Right to avoid unnecessary pain / suffering and nuisance

Every people has the right to protection from pain,suffering and nuisance as far as possible at all stages of treatment. Health Services should take precautions for easier and more comfortable treatment.

·         The Right to End of Life

Health Services should provide a special treatment for patients who are at the end of their lives and their families.

·         Personal Treatment Right

Every people has the right routing diagnose and treatment according to her/his personal necessities. Therefore Health Services should provide flexible programmes always right to treatment holds the first place.

·         The right to complain

Every people has the right to complian when gets harm. All pesonnel taking care of the patient, should inform about the rights to her/him. Complain should be responded verbal or written by Patient Rights Units officials in a certain time after it is taken. It is a right to appeal related professional organizations and courts for unresolvable complains pursuant to Law No. 6023.

·         The right to compensation

Every people who gets physical, moral or physiological harm during treatment has the right to compensation in a short time.Health Services should know that there is always right to compension even the responsible can not be determined and regardless of the reason and importance of damage.

Patients and their relatives have the right to access and information can understand and use all these right.

To Publish Responsibilities of Patients and Their Relatives is a Function of our Transparancy Policy.

·         Responsibility to Provide Information

Since the health information about the patients and their relatives (medical history, current complaints, applied treatments, such as medications and vitamins used) is necessary for the diagnosing and treatment process it is the patient's and her/his relative's responsibility to provide them right to the person in charge of the treatment accurately and completely.

If the patients and their relatives are in difficulty to understand the comments about the treatment, this must be reported to the patient and care givers and they should ask all the questions that come to their mind.

Patients and their relatives, after they were informed about the healt status of the patient and making sure of the understaniding them correctly, should be active in the decision making process in the treatment and should declare their consent on the treatment.

They should inform the authorities in case of any changes in the basic informations such as name, surname, address, phone number.

·         Responsibility of Payment of Examination and Treatments

The payment methods, how the debts will be paid, who or which institution would pay, should clearly be stated in the acceptance stage.

It is patient's and her/his relative's responsibility to complete the certification about their social security or private healt insurance.

Patients or their representatives must submit a letter obtained from the patient's institutions in cases required emergency intervention and treatments.

The patients who have the right to free treatments should prove these rights with the necessary documents.

Patients and their relatives are bound to compensate the loss /damages on the tools or machines caused by misusage.

·         Responsibility for Compliance with Recommendations

Patients and their relatives are responsible for compliance with the rules and practices has the responsibility to fulfill the rules and practices of the health care institutions they found.

·         Responsibility for Observance of Rules and Applications

Patients are responsible for observance of rules and applications of the health institution which they are in.

·         Respecting Liability

Patients and their relatives should consider the rights of other patients and health care workers.

Patients and their relatives must respect the hospital's visiting policy.

Patients and relatives should act in accordance with the hospital's privacy policy.

Patients where the number of visitors and hence more noise must take measures to comply with the hospital administration.

Patients and relatives should not demand the implementation or administration of any medication. Except for the ones included in the treatment plan

Patients and their relatives must adhere to appointment times and delays should be prevented, in cases where the delay should assist the organization by allowing them to appear before the other patients.

We are Sensitive to the Society

We show sensitivity not only to the medical needs of the society but also the social needs. We also serve as a NGO for many social purposes.

We are Sensitive to the Environment

We take care in order not to harm the environment and natural resources due to our activities. We determine our impact on the environment and minimize our negative impact if any, and strive to protect natural resources, and by managing our waste, we minimize air, water and soil pollution through appropriate methods.

We Care for Health Professionals Education 

As a research and teaching hospital we deal not only with the education of research stuff but also regard life-long learning.

We Care for Our Stuff

In our hospital work satisfied stuff is considered at all levels.


We always seek the better with a continous effort, on the basis of Turkish Ministry of Health hospital quality standarts.