Emergency Unit


It was first accepted in 1968 in the world that emergency patient management which were previously carried out collaboratively by all disciplines, should only be carried out by physicians specialized in emergency and critical patient care. In our country, Emergency Medicine Specialization was defined as a separate medical discipline in 1993.

Emergency Medicine Residency Program was instituted in our hospital on 08.07.2010 with the approval of the Ministry of Health, numbered 9607, and many of our well-trained specialists are successfully performing their professions, in various hospitals all over Turkey as well as in different countries. The duration of residencyprogram is 4 years. Residents work 24 hours a day under the experienced mentorship of emergency medicine specialists.Theoretical trainings are supported by case and current literature discussions 2 days a week. The program is given in two separate groups according to the seniority of the residents. Intensive orientation trainings are also provided with simulation models for our physicians who have just started the program. Interventional procedures and bedside ultrasonography and echocardiography trainings continue throughout the year in the company of our experienced specialist trainers. Our department sets itself apart from other emergency clinics with its experience in critically ill patient care, especially in invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation practices. Our residents and specialists have continuous access to many medical resources through the open access databases of the University of Health Sciences and Ministry of Healthduring their education, Active participation in national and international scientific meetings and contributions to the ongoing scientific studies in our clinic are encouraged and supported.


Emergency Department Patient Care Procedures

Since our hospital is the only public hospital in Atasehir/Istanbul, wide range of patients, both children and adultsare admitting to the emergency room. In the emergency department, patients are subject to the triage system with a triple color code (yellow-red-green), and their priorities are determined according to their urgency, within the framework of the "Principles of Implementation Procedures of Emergency Services in Inpatient Health Facilities" of the Ministry of Health. Triage evaluation is made by experienced emergency nurses according to the vital signs and complaints of each patient. Patients brought by ambulance are first evaluated in the ‘red’coded area.


Directorof Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Tuba Cimilli Öztürk,Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, M.D.


Director of Emergency Medicine Staff

Ebru Ünal Akoğlu,Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, M.D.


Chief of Emergency MedicineSpeacialist

Fatma Sarı Doğan, M.D.

Attending Emergency Medicine Specialists

Tevfik Patan, M.D.

Cansu Arslan Turan,M.D. 

Ebru Ünal Akoğlu, M.D. 

Burcu Azapoğlu Kaymak, M.D. 

Yılmaz Aydın, M.D. 

Oktay Öcal, M.D. 

Rasim Yorulmaz, M.D. 

Mehmet Koçak, M.D. 

Mazlum Kılıç, M.D. 

Merve Ekşioğlu, M.D. 

Ayşe Çağla Özmert Toplu, M.D.  

Selman F. Akyıldız, M.D.  



Seda Kılıçoğlu, M.D. 

Yasin Bostancı, M.D. 

İnci Cansu Sarı, M.D. 

Sakine Neval Akar, M.D. 

Muhammet Talha Onur, M.D. 

Hakam Duverioğlu, M.D. 

Alihan Elveren, M.D. 

Abdulkadir Uğurel, M.D. 

Ayşenur İncehasan, M.D. 

Zeynep Göksu Saydam, M.D. 

Kaan Karaman, M.D. 

Nesrin Karakaş, M.D. 

Mehmet Zeftçi, M.D. 

Mehtap Sürmeli, M.D. 

Damla Özer, M.D. 

Şule Karaköse, M.D. 

Onur Yazgel, M.D. 

Esra Namlı, M.D. 

Ezgi Samsail, M.D. 

Yunus Emre Sağmal, M.D. 

Ahmet Talha Kayataş, M.D. 

Yunus Akdaş, M.D. 

Yunus Emre Gemici, M.D.

Yusuf Uluocak, M.D

Saadet Büşra Çivilibal, M.D.

Sazile Sena Erozan, M.D.

Ebru Ceyda Soyaltın, M.D.

Yusuf Öner, M.D.

Nurgül Alpay, M.D.

Barış Korkmaz M.D.

Büşra Sayar, M.D.

Yaşar Kılıçarslan, M.D.

Esma San, M.D.

Tutku Beste Özcan, M.D.