Nutrition and Diet Department provides services for individuals to gain healthy eating habits, programs the disease-specific nutrition therapies in the inpatient clinics and outpatient clinics, and arranges necessary nutritional support therapy during the recovery process of the patient.

Inpatient Services

               Dietitians working in the Nutrition and Diet Department are responsible for all controls during the nutritional treatment of hospitalized patients and the delivery of the menu planned in accordance with the patient's treatment to the patient. Nutrition education is given to patients who are consulted by their doctor, during hospitalization or before discharge.

Outpatient Clinics Services

               There are three dietician polyclinics in our hospital. One of these polyclinics serves the patients referred by the internal medicine clinic, and the other serves the patients referred by various clinics (surgery, endocrinology, diabetes, pediatrics and thyroid).

In addition, in our Diabetes and Obesity Center located in Üsküdar District, diabetes patients are served in the third outpatient clinic.

               Appointments are made by the secretariat of the department in our hospital, after the necessary analyzes have been made by the internal medicine or the relevant clinic.

Catering Services

               Dietitians take part in the examination and control team of the catering company, which prepares and serves the meals of inpatients and staff, from product entry to service. They conduct audits together with the commission for a better quality and quantity catering service.

Nutrition Support Unit

               All patients (including intensive care units) who are hospitalized and whose NRS score is insufficient and whose oral intake is insufficient, are visited together with the nutrition nurse and the responsible physician. Enteral and parenteral nutrition support of the patients is followed up until their discharge.

               In addition, a personal individual nutrition education (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.) is given to patients whose dietitian consultation is requested.

Obesity Center

               In the Obesity Center that was established in our hospital in 2019, obese patients are registered and followed up in coordination with the Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases specialist, psychologist and physical therapy units.


Our Dieticians

Erkan Deniz DINCER


Fatma İnayet SEMERKAŞ