Family Medicine


Family Medicine Residency Program at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Research Hospital, has started  in 2011 autumn .The first appointment of a research asisstant to the Program has made with Medical Specialism Exam (Tıpta Uzmanlık Sınavı, TUS) on 15 May 2011. The Residency Program has started education with the coordination of Prof. Dr. Ali ÖZDEMİR on 9 September 2011. Prof. Dr. Ali ÖZDEMİR had run of coordination of Family Medicine Residency Program until 26 June 2020. Then Prof. Dr. Berrin TELATAR had taken over the coordination of the Family Medicine Residency Program ,So Family Medicine Department has started to serve as a clinic. As Family Medicine Clinic, healthcare  is provided in 5 different divisions in our hospital.

Definition of Family Medicine: Family Medicine is an internal specialty that provides continuous and comprehensive health care for the individual and family.

Who is the Family Physician?

Family Doctor ,  obliged to provide comprehensive and continuous personal preventive health services and primary care diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative health services to each person in a specific place without any discrimination of age, gender and disease.

 Family  doctor providing mobile health services to the extent necessary  working on a full-time basis specialist physician or physicians who have received the Education Program prescribed by the Institution .In Turkey, the duration of to be a Family Physician is three years.

Family physicians provide general and integrated services, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation but also closely related to health promotion and disease prevention.They are easily accessible, their service are continuous, they work with the team, they approach individuals and society from a biopsychosocial perspective. They provide family-centered personal care and coordinated service with secondary and tertiary care. They are the defender of patients and prevent unnecessary interventions to them. They are community-oriented.

Process of the Training  Program

During the Residency Program education, residents receive rotation in Internal Diseases, Pediatrics , Gynecology and Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Service, Dermatology, Cardiology, Chest Diseases, and optionally take education one of these branches Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, General Surgery and Neurology clinics. The educational process of the Family Medicine Residency Program  in our clinic continues under two main headings. We have two different groups of Residency Program: AHU (Family Medicine Resident-Full-time) and SAHU (Contracted Family Medicine Resident-Part-time). The duration of the Education Program is 3 years for AHU’s and 6 years for SAHU’s. In our education program, seminar hours every Wednesday, and researcher article presentations every Monday are held.

Clinical Education and Administrative Officer, Instructor:


Prof.Dr.Berrin TELATAR (Adult and Pediatric Patient, G Block)



Our Specialist Physician Staff


Specialist  Dr. Cem NAZİKOĞLU (Family Medicine Polyclinic-Adult patient)

Specialist  Dr. Rabia SENGER (Family Medicine Polyclinic-Adult patient, G Block)

Specialist  Dr.Betül İLHAN BAYRAM (Family Medicine-Pediatric patient, G Block)

Specialist  Dr.Özden Ezgi ÜNER (Family Medicine-Diabetes Polyclinic, Üsküdar Diabetes Center)

Specialist  Dr.Seda AHÇI YILMAZ (Family Medicine- Adult patient, G Block)


Family Medicine Specialization Residents (AHU)


  • 1-Research assistant Dr. Fatih Uğur TAŞ


  • 2-Research assistant Dr. Nadir TAKAR


  • 3-Research assistant Dr. Muhammed Can AYRANCI


  • 4-Research assistant Dr. Fatih DEMİR


  • 5-Research assistant Dr. Fatma Feyza ANGIN


  • 6-Research assistant Dr. Neşe Gül ÇELİK


  • 7-Research assistant Dr. Tolga ER


  • 8-Research assistant Dr. Sevde KAYHAN


  • 9-Research assistant Dr. Muhammet UYSAL


  • 10-Research assistant Dr. Beyza KAYA


  • 11-Research assistant Dr. Nedim Turan ÖZDİL


  • 12-Research assistant Dr. Onur TOR


  • 13-Research assistant Dr. Ozlem TEKİN


  • 14-Research assistant Dr. Asuman Beyza ALTIPARMAK BARIŞ


  • 15-Research assistant Dr. Taylan MENTEŞE


  • 16-Research assistant Dr. Hacer Kader KAYA


  • 17-Research assistant Dr. Özgül ÇAM


  • 18-Research assistant Dr. Nihal ZUHAL


  • 19-Research assistant Dr. Merve ÖNDER


  • 20-Research assistant Dr. Hatice Kübra ANAKÖK USTAALİOĞLU


  • 21-Research assistant Dr. Fatma Zehra SAÇMA


  • 22-Research assistant Dr. Gizem GÜLEY


  • 23-Research assistant Dr. Armağan TANIŞKAN


  • 24-Research assistant Dr. Mesut CANBULDU


  • 25-Research assistant Dr. Satu CANKURT KURU


  • 26-Research assistant Dr. Abdurrahim POLAT


  • 27-Research assistant Dr. Merve KOCATAŞ


  • 28-Research assistant Dr. Ayşenur AYDIN


  • 29-Research assistant Dr. Ayşe Eren YILMAZ


  • 30-Research assistant Dr. Gülten YILMAZ


  • 31-Research assistant Dr. Aysun DEMİR


  • 32-Research assistant Dr. Büşra Sultan ATEŞ


  • 33-Research assistant Dr. Merve DURMAZ


  • 34-Research assistant Dr. Yasin AYDOĞ



Contracted Family Medicine  Specialization Residents (SAHU)


1- Research assistant Dr. Sadık PORTAKAL


2- Research assistant Dr. Özlem ÖZAKIN


3- Research assistant Dr. Arzu Pınar TURAN BİÇER


4- Research assistant Dr. Ömer AYCANOĞLU


5- Research assistant Dr. Engin DEMIR


6- Research assistant Dr. Ersan ÖZER


7- Research assistant Dr. Hamdi Anıl ŞAHİN


8- Research assistant Dr. Sıddık Burak ÇİÇEK


9- Research assistant Dr. Hüseyin GÜLOĞLU


10- Research assistant Dr. Mustafa Cevdet KÖŞKER


11- Research assistant Dr. Mahmut KESKIN


12- Research assistant Dr. Bayram Özgür  ÖZDEN


13- Research assistant Dr. Yağmur CANOĞLU


14- Research assistant Dr. Yunus Emre KIDAM


15- Research assistant Dr. Orhan ÖZDEMİR


16- Research assistant Dr. Yeşim AVCI


17- Research assistant Dr. Murat ŞAHAN


18- Research assistant Dr. Kerem BAK


19- Research assistant Dr. Mustafa GÜNEŞ


20- Research assistant Dr. Hülya ÖVET


21- Research assistant Dr. Hakan EKİNCİ


22- Research assistant Dr. Faruk HAKBİLEN


23- Research assistant Dr. Caner KÖSE


24- Research assistant Dr. Ayşe ÖZKAN


25- Research assistant Dr. İrem Özge ŞARLAK


26- Research assistant Dr. Fatma DİNÇ


27- Research assistant Dr. Şebnem SAĞLAM


28- Research assistant Dr. Halil TUĞ


29- Research assistant Dr. Gokhan GOKBUDAK


30- Research assistant Dr. Zeynep GÖKTAŞ


31- Research assistant Dr. Omer TOPÇU


32- Research assistant Dr. Şeyma ŞENGÜN


33- Research assistant Dr. Zeynep COŞKUN


34- Research assistant Dr. Tugçe Koseoğlu KIVIRCI


35- Research assistant Dr. Özge Son ÖKŞEN


36- Research assistant Dr. Dilara PEHLiVAN